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Education is an accompanying phenomenon to our civilisation since time immemorial. Ancient scholars had already passed their knowledge and thoughts on their students and those passed them again on their apprentices. It is a carousel, which drives generation after generation. People wanted to deal with increasingly complex tasks, penetrate into the deeper gists of the problems and creating new ideas, which helped them to achieve the necessary results. Therefore, the investments to the education of human beings started to be an important asset for their personal growth.

Education is becoming an important aspect in achieving imaginary maturity degree not only for a man, but for a whole society. It had a great importance to take over the educational relay race from our ancestors, so we are able to do big steps now.

Today´s modern companies reach their turnovers, fulfil the goals and gain stability on the market through the educated employees, in which they investing considerable funds. Employees should pay back these investments with increased performance in the field of work and with the creation of new innovations, which move the companies into the comparative advantages compared to the competition.

„A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business.“
Henry Ford


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